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Our Clients

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Our En3 Advantage Content Framework (ACF) uses a data-driven approach to help businesses create videos that work, based on our research from thousands of videos, across hundreds of different brands.
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Work with our responsive and expert team of content strategists, producers, script writers and more! We deliver high-quality and results-driven videos for SMEs so you can achieve your targeted goals.
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Check out some of our case studies below! Combining ACF with our expert and proven team, we have produced many successful videos for our clients.
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How effective are our videos? Check out our successful case studies

My Smart Ah Ma

Goal of Video
The client wanted to encourage silver haired generation to adopt Government digital technology in their everyday lives.
The video series garnered over 4 million views on Facebook and another 1.4 million views across 6 videos on YouTube within a period of 5 months.
Our Solution
With the silver-hair generation as our target audience, we knew that most of them were not on digital platforms. Instead, we engaged a proxy audience – their adult children. We designed a romantic video series to encourage young adults to guide their aged loved ones on Government digital services.

POSB - Simply Go

Goal of Video
The client wanted to introduce the convenience of POSB’s Simply Go card to the masses by reaching as many viewers as possible.
The video received positive comments and garnered over 17 million views, 464K likes and 1500 comments on Facebook alone.
Our Solution
In order to maximize our video’s reach, we focused on increasing the shareability and engagement of our video by making the content more relatable to the masses. We did this by highlighting subtle but common everyday consumer transportation pain points in a comedic and exaggerated fashion.

Youtrip It Instead

Goal of Video
The client wanted to increase the number of downloads of their YouTrip app.
The video garnered over 454k views, 156 likes and 13 comments on Facebook.
Our Solution
As the target audience was predominantly young working adults, a large number of this demographic had a tight budget for their holidays or trips overseas. We made the video more relatable to our target audience by highlighting the pain points of traveling and stretching the dollar in an exaggerated fashion.
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