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Everyone mocked Shopee’s “Dancing Ronaldo” video…

September 24, 2019

Everyone mocked Shopee’s “Dancing Ronaldo” video… but it tripled sales and was watched 35 million times.   Guess who’s laughing all the way to the bank? After Shopee’s recent video campaign starring Juventus F.C.’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, orders actually tripled compared to last year’s 9.9 event. This boosted the sales revenue and online viewership of […]

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CNA938 Interview with Daniel Martin

September 20, 2019

Daniel: It’s trending right here on CNA938, I’m Daniel Martin and thank you for joining in today. How many of you are fans of the animated world? I love seeing those commercials which just blow you away with some of those crazy graphics and of course production value. We’re learning more about what goes into […]

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MoneyFM Interview with Elliott Danker

September 2, 2019

 Listen to the podcast here:   Elliott: It’s time to talk about an industry that I’ve been passionately in for the past 14, 15 years – Singapore’s media market. Ask anyone about it and they will say it’s known to be a small, niche one. And because of this, there’s a lot of competition and […]

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A Love for the Written Word.

July 4, 2019

In this 6-part series, we invite our Head Scriptwriter, Kane Wheatley-Holder, to share with us how his team plays an integral role in producing videos at the initial stage - to set the right foundations. At the same time, he provides us with interesting insights as a scriptwriter in the film industry. Head Scriptwriter, Big [...]

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