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Holiday Marketing Hacks to Boost your ROI

December 16, 2019

Holiday Marketing Hacks to Boost your ROI When it comes to the holiday season, many companies approach their marketing as an afterthought. From Christmas to New Years to Valentine’s Day and beyond, holidays can be a festive time full of incredible opportunities or bitter disappointments. No matter the holiday, customers are in the mood to […]

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CNA 938 Interview: Doing Good in Business

December 2, 2019

This is the transcript from the interview with Channel News Asia 938.   Stanley: It’s easy to get caught up in building our careers and business empires. When you’ve reached one level, be it position or salary, you strive for the next. It shows progress, it demonstrates improvement. For a business, when you’ve scored X […]

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Brands Taking a Stand: The Must-Know Marketing Trend of 2020

November 27, 2019

Brands Taking a Stand: The Must-Know Marketing Trend of 2020   Staying silent may be worse than taking a stand. In 2020, the success of your brand is no longer measured by your product, service, or how much money you are willing to pump into your next marketing campaign. The adage that the ‘customer is […]

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From Struggles to Success: Big 3 Media’s story

November 1, 2019

Below is a translation of Willie’s feature on Lianhe Wanbao. For the original article, please click here. From being a university graduate that no one wanted to hire, to becoming the boss of a media company that generates a revenue of more than $10 million today, Willie Lee’s life over the past decade has been dramatic, […]

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