2D & 3D Animation Video Production in Singapore

Ready to animate?

Animated videos are an effective tool for visual communication.

We’re an animations studio in Singapore providing full-fledged animation production services such as 2D cartoons, 3D animation and special effects, virtual and augmented reality and many more.

Need an engaging customer service animated video, a whiteboard animation video or the next award-winning animated TV series? We’ve got you covered with our list of extensive services.

With a dedicated team of motion graphic artists tirelessly working their magic in our studio, we can make the impossible, possible.

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Animation Portfolio

We’ve worked with countless clients in Singapore to turn their concepts into effective animations. Discover our list of wide-ranging works here.

What we do

2D Animation

2D motion graphics is ideal for companies and corporations looking to use explainer videos as a medium for introducing a new policy or regulation to the public. It is also great for storytelling and incorporating company mascots into marketing content.

3D Animation

Unlike 2D Animation, 3D productions are more true to life and immersive. The effect of this is a more sophisticated and modern artistic style, ideal for immersive storytelling like marketing and branding purposes.

Stop motion

Stop-motion involves taking photos of stationary items that are being moved physically little by little at a time, to create the illusion of objects moving independently. This style is popular for its artistic visual delivery.

3D Projection Mapping

3D Projection Mapping, spatial augmented reality, or video mapping, is the projection of a video onto an uneven surface. Projection mapping is often used in large-scale events to bring life to buildings and structures, producing an optical illusion that is eye-catching. Light shows and festivals often use projection mapping to achieve a ‘psychedelic’ and mesmerising effect.

Hand drawn Animation

These videos involve a physical hand mimicking the drawing of text or objects, much like drawing on a whiteboard. This style of animation is usually adopted for corporate or educational explainer videos with the key objective of disseminating information in a visual form that is easy to digest.

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